Shadow Dances

Grand Central station has so many iconic views. Yet possibly my favorite is the early morning light that creates such a beautiful dance floor.

A Monk's Delight

I can't say that I grew up enjoying any fruitcake encounter. It was always a rather dry and torrid affair. This Christmas my dear mum brought new tidings from the Holy Transfiguration Skete (a monastic community). We've all sampled the fine work of Belgian monks with their ales. Perhaps here again it's the lack of distractions and the care of their process. The result is a wonder cake, soaked in bourbon, truly fresh candied fruits, wrapped several times in cheesecloth yielding a moist and heavy treat. Here is a link to their shop if you are so inclined. Click the link on the left labelled "Jampot."

The Joy of Colour

On a rainy day we stumbled on a wonderful exhibit at Montreal's Beaux Arts Museum. The featured artist was Dale Chihuly, wonderfully whimsical and one who shows no favoritism towards any colour. An appropriate quote of his greeted us as we entered the exhibit, "I'm obsessed with colour-never saw one I didn't like." This combined with his flowing forms always leaves me bouncing.



Ratatouille's Roots

I loved the film. And I dream of one day eating at the film's inspired consultant to everything about cooking, Thomas Keller and his French Laundry. The dish that is the film's namesake is actually called Biyaldi. It is wonderful, and not terribly difficult to make. We enjoyed this with many gathered. Yum.