working with me . . . 


A willingness to try most anything, that's how I got here. Years ago I started in front of the camera. My love of acting morphed into an obsession with how a story unfolds. I wanted to be an artist who influenced the outcome. I decided then to become an editor. Being a highly inquisitive person, the realm of editorial and how effects were integrated also grabbed my attention. 

Eventually, my professional path led me to become a co-founder of, and former Director of Production for, nailgun*. Together with Michael Waldron (SVP Creative Director Art + Design for Nickelodeon and TV Land), we built a nurturing and creative environment that let many developing artists thrive. nailgun* was an award winning NYC motion graphics boutique that served broadcast and commercial clients for 10 years.

Today, either as a freelance creative visual editor or as a senior member of a creative agency, I bring a meticulousness and personal investment to my work. I don’t know how to give any less than 100%. Exhaustive in my search for better solutions, I am a creative MacGyver. I have a passion to improvise and explore, develop, and problem solve within a team of equally curious creatives.

Strengths: Broadcast + commercial editorial, compositing + animation; Adobe (Premiere, AE) + Apple (FCP) post production workflows; Codecs + compression; a Strong understanding of creative branding, identity and strategy.

Daily habits and passions: Tweaking my bread recipes on the weekend and sharing the results with any and all coworkers. Celebrating the sunrise from my road bike. Art directing my garden and waging war on weeds. Wearing my loyalty to Arsenal on my sleeve while shouting obscenities and encouragement in equal measure! Coming home to my loving family at the end of a long day to recharge my batteries.